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Established in 2006, masdar is a commercially driven enterprise that aims to be the worlds first operationally zerocarbon and zerowaste development, while also incorporating aspects of adaptation into its design. Business at masdar city masdar city is a prime destination for international business and offers direct access to all areas of abu dhabi, the uae and beyond. A sustainable city providing the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint. The masdar headquarters building will go beyond zero net energy. The master plan is intended to guide the designers of the public realm of masdar, and to be an implementation tool for masdar city.

The project is distinguished by the fact that the thermal response. The worlds most sustainable eco city, masdar city, is preparing for its next phase of development, as unveiled in the awardwinning detailed master plan dmp by cbt. But now that plan feels more like a mirage, leaving some to wonder what the future of the socalled future city will be. Waterfront city in dubai is a masterplan of enormous scale and ambition, aiming to generate a critical mass of density and diversity in a city that has seen explosive growth in recent years but little cultivation of the streetlevel urban activity that most metropolises thrive on. It is an initiative by the government of abu dhabi through mubadala development. Masdar city and a short walk from the entertainment centre. Masdar city is piloting pedestrian focused community sustainable transportation solutions, a personal rapid transit prt level3 a freightlight rapid transit frtlrt system level1 masdar city also has initiated an electric car pilot with mitsubishi heavy industries to test a pointtopoint transportation solution for the. Located outside of abu dhabi, masdar city is a lowcarbon and pedestrianfocused innovation community designed to encourage creativity and collaboration in. The scope of the project includes everything outside the buildings, including the streets and public plazas, parks and open spaces. Located outside of abu dhabi, masdar city is a lowcarbon and pedestrian focused innovation community designed to encourage creativity and collaboration in. Masdar city po box 54115, abu dhabi, uae 800 masdar 627327 masdarcity.

Planning of masdar city master plan summary vision. An analysis of the genesis and development of masdar city. Masdar city combines stateoftheart technologies with the planning principles of traditional arab settlements to create a desert community that aims to be carbon neutral and zero waste. City planning commission in regards to a communitys master plan. When the team doesn t discuss it and come up with the master plan implementations.

Both now, and at full build out, masdar city will be entirely powered by renewable energy on a net. In collaboration with cbt architects, studiopod succesfully completed the master planning services for the detailed master plan for masdar city phase 2 securing approvals from the abu dhabi urban planning council. However, according to yousef baselaib, executive director of sustainable real estate of masdar city, the goal of making the project a sustainable development model is near. Following the pioneering benchmark master plan for masdar city in abu dhabi, this report presents foster and partners design scheme. In fact, in 2006 abu dhabis government decided that an economy diversification and an engagement concerning ecological problematic should be planned as a challenge for the 21st century and they decided to plan masdar city. Masdar city is an archeology project in abu dhabi, in the united arab. Evenden, a senior partner at the british firm foster and partners, began to make the master plan for masdar city, he looked to such traditional designs for ways to save energy. In april, we announced the approval of the detailed master plan by the urban planning council, which has paved the way for a. It is made up of a rapidly growing cleantech cluster, business free zone and residential neighbourhood with restaurants, shops and public green spaces. In the city of detroit, the primary role of the city planning commission is with the master plan s approval and adoption process, including the holding of public hearings and notification p. Integrated transport masdar city will be the first landbased city to operate without fossil fueled vehicles walking, electric vehicles, cycling, prt and lrt are the modes of transportation within masdar city. Sustainability sustainable urban development masdar city. Masdar city is being constructed 17 kilometres 11 mi eastsoutheast of the city of abu dhabi, beside abu dhabi international airport. Masdar city, a zerowaste, zerocarbonemission development outside abu dhabi in the united arab emirates.

Overall, masdar will allow us to explore and develop new sustainable technologies and understand the implications in practice, in a city keen to propel us towards sustainability and carbon neutrality. The 640hectare project is a key component of the masdar initiative, established by the government of abu dhabi to advance the development of renewable energy. Masdar city s master plan is claimed to meet and exceed the principals of one planet living opl, a set of ten guiding principles of sustainability, proposed in a joint initiative by wwf, the global conservation organization and bioregional development, whereby everyone lives within their fair share of the earths resources. The city is a mixeduse, sustainable community, including employmentgenerating land uses, residential areas, parks, plazas and neighbourhood amenities. On may 21, 2019 the planning commission approved a master plan resolution confirming the following eight city master plan elements. Gems education over 4 hectares of land, offering a premium british curriculum encompassing education from primary to year. Masdar city in abu dhabi centre for public impact cpi. Masdar city launches phase 2 master plan green building. The first phase included construction of the masdar institute. Masdar city is a pioneer in sustainability and a hub for research and development, spearheading the innovations to realise greener, more sustainable urban living. From its multimodal transit system and vibrant streetscapes to its selfsufficient neighborhoods and resilient natural landscapes, masdar city s phase.

Masdar city is an ongoing project of the abu dhabi government to learn how to build sustainably and become independent from oil in the long run. Business at masdar city masdar city is a prime destination for international business and offers direct access to. Originally envisioned as a carbon neutral city, masdar s early development envisioned an elevated pedestrian city with transportation built below the podium. Pdf fuelled by an increasing diffusion of greenconsciousness in urban politics. Since the city will depend almost entirely on electricity from. As a result, walking and selfpropelled transport will be. The optimal orientation of the city squares was determined through wind and solar analysis. From its multimodal transit system and vibrant streetscapes to its selfsufficient neighborhoods and resilient natural landscapes, masdar city s phase 2 seeks to sustain the communitys life and energy for generations to come.

With 40,000 commuters per day, masdar city will have strategically. Largest photovoltaic plant in sw asia produces 17,500 megawatthours of clean electricity offsets 15,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year 2. The master plan of masdar included major components such as. Approximately 2,500 students will become the community focus for phase 2 of masdar city. Masdar s incubator building banks away from its roof line to add pedestrian space while constructing the aperture between buildings above to limit the. Masdar city hosts the headquarters of the international renewable energy agency irena. Furthermore, how does the master plan of masdar compare and contrast with. Masdar city phase ii detailed master plan architizer. Laboratory for visionary architecture have won a competition to design the urban centre of masdar, a zerocarbon, zerowaste city.

Master plan masdar city aims to be a commercially viable city offering the highest quality of life within the lowest environmental footprint. With 40,000 commuters per day, masdar city will have strategically placed parking areas for fossilfueled vehicles. In order to achieve the goals and projections of the master plan the team must plan for the present time and future thus twenty to thirty years to come i. Pdf masdar city is the first cleantechnology cluster to be located in a. Abu dhabis masdar city is one of the worlds most sustainable urban communities. The master plan has received the aia middle easts urban design and planning award. Masdar city phase ii detailed master plan on architizer. These plans provide a framework for preserving the city s unique character, ensuring its diversity, supporting investment, and promoting desired change. Strategies for producing energy and reducing consumption are at the core of the development of the masdar city master plan. Studiopod phase 2 detailed master plan, masdar city. Masdar clean energy deploying renewable clean energy. Pdf masdar citys integrated approach to sustainability. This case study will focus on masdar city, a warm and humid, netzero city project located in the united arab emirates uae. Smart sustainable cities the official portal of the uae.

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