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Smart adds new features to collaborative learning software. Creating basic lesson activities in smart notebook 17. Nov 04, 2015 lesson activity builder lab addon is unable to load in smart notebook software. This new version is available as a free download to all smart notebook license holders.

The lesson actvity toolkit isnt installed smart communities. Smart notebook 11 activity builder add your content clip arttext objects to a notebook page. You can now deliver and enhance your lessons by adding resources directly to. To start, click the addons tab, and then click the activity builder thumbnail. Create interactive lessons and dynamically deliver them on an interactive display for free. New templates are being added all the time or you can even download one of the hundreds of premade activities that other educators have contributed to smart exchange. To view fonts properly in this file, you will need to download kg fonts for. Alphabet letter c smartboard activities smart board by. The activity builder is a new feature of notebook 11. Alphabet letter c smartboard activities smart board. Students can quickly create and contribute text and images to lab activities using their own devices, and teachers can easily curate the content. The page sorter is instrumental in helping you see where you are in your smart notebook file. Click on the blue puzzle piece under addons, click on activity builder the activity builder tab opens. Lesson activity builder lab addon is unable to load in smart notebook software.

The activity builder enables you to create matching activities, sorting activities, labeling activities, games and more using your own content. Alphabet letter g smartboard activities smart board by. Being able to embed a web browser in a notebook page helps lessons flow more smoothly, and allows for additional content to be added to a lesson with ease, while. In this segment of smart board 101, we cover the new activity builder in the new smart notebook 11. It essentially allows an object to be accepted as a correct answer and rejected as an incorrect answer all on the same page. Smart notebook software free version download for pc. Smart board interactive white boards with digital vision touch dvit technology take the boredom out of lessons by providing students with a handson, interactive way to learn. Activity builder is a new feature introduced in smart notebook 11 software. Page sorter tab gallety tab attachments tab properties tab addons tab. Get onetouch access to formative assessments, easily create activities, record your lessons.

Smart notebook software provides easy access to a wide selection of content. With the embedded browser, any web resource can instantly become part of your smart notebook lesson. Smart ink software lets teachers write into pdfs, microsoft office files and websites, then save notes in almost any file type. To use the activity wizard to build interactive activities and assessments, see getting started with gamebased activities in smart notebook 18. Add a live web page directly to a smart notebook software page, and it becomes an object that you can write over in digital ink, resize or interact with. Smart board and smart notebook 11 tutorials and how to documents. Shout it out a brainstorming activity that lets students contribute words and images from any device with an internet. The random generator tool smart technologies april 2010 introduction this document provides an overview of the information you need to create and customize the random generator tool in smart notebook collaborative learning software. Now teachers can spend time helping students, not resetting activities.

Using lesson activity builder in smart notebook 18 smart. Using lesson activity builder in smart notebook 18. The actual developer of the free software is smart technologies ulc. Teaching smarter with smart boards mississippi state university. Special education, english language arts, english as a second language grade. Smart lesson activity builder unified audio visual solutions. Use the activity builder addon to create simple matching or hide and show activities using your own content. Continue your learning with session 7 of the 9part digital teacher certification course. Smart notebook software can work with or without smart boards and projectors.

It was made in smart notebook 11 and has been updated for notebook 17. For example, tools and features to create are activity builder, sound recorder, crayon, custom creative pen, shape image fill, irregular shape fill, table tool, themes, screen captures, active alignment, eyedropper tool, fill tool, smart response question sets, insert function like. You can even connect your ipad with a smart notebook desktop, see below. Smart learning suite enhances student engagement through edtech and is the only set of online classroom tools for educators, providing software for formative assessments, gamebased learning, interactive lesson delivery, collaborative classrooms, and more. The activity builder allows the creation of interactive activities that respond to student choices. Smart notebook 11 activity builder tutorial youtube.

This is a short overview of one of the new features available in smart board notebook, the activity builder. Smart notebook, a free collaborative learning software. Toolbars and tabs in st oteboo sotare smart technologies apr 2012 full screen toolbar the full screen toolbar enables you to work with your smart notebook file in fullscreen mode. Activity builder the floating tools toolbar even when smart notebook software is closed, the smart notebook features you use most are still at your fingertips with. Lesson activity builder lab has a new name and is now smart lab smart lab has three new themes with sound, including rock stars, underwater and monsters smart response 2 beta assessments platform is an allnew formative assessments platform that students access with mobile devices. You can run this pc software on windows xpvista7810 32bit. Smart notebook for ipad is a light version of the smart notebook collaborative learning software. When the students place the word in the correct spot, they will hear a positive sound. Even convert notes to text and access display tools. Click the addons tab to access addition smart notebook addons such as the activity builder. Smart notebook is the software that is used with smart boards and smart interactive projectors.

The random generator tool is found in the lesson activity toolkit in the smart notebook gallery, and is an interactive tool you can use to randomly generate objects based on. One of these tools is an activity builder, which can be used to generate causeandeffect or triggerbased activities for students. In this session youll learn how to use the smart notebook activity builder to create your own dynamic lessons. The random generator tool is found in the lesson activity. With next generation writing precision, intuitive tools and quick connectivity, the 7000r series helps you convey the. Simply open the lab builder in notebook and select from one of over 20 templates. Find out more about the basic version of smart notebook.

This article diagnoses and resolves the issue of lesson activity builder lab addon unable to load in smart notebook collaborative learning software. This is perhaps one of the most useful feature of the new smart notebook version 11 software. This notebook file uses activity builder to help students learn the parts of speech noun, verb, adjective, an. How to use the activity builder in smart notebook 11. Smart notebook 11 activity builder tutorial duration. It has a long list of utilities designed to support different types of learning and teaching scenarios.

Heres a short video tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to create a simple drag and drop activity in smart notebook 11 using the activity builder addon. Now you can create draganddrop activities for formative assessment similar to lesson activity toolkit and vortex. Teaching smarter with smart boards mississippi state. Our builtin antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe. At the end of the 9sessions, each participant will have earned a teq digital teacher certification, along. Education software downloads smart notebook software by smart technologies and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Smart technologies announces smart notebook 11 collaborative. All while balancing individual classroom needs and budgets. Smart board 101 smart notebook 11 activity builder on vimeo. Lesson activity toolkit free download windows version. If they misplace a word, it will fling back to its original spot, giving the student immediate feedback.

Side tabs there are five tabs on the side of the smart notebook software interface. Smart notebook tips customizing presets for shapes, pens and fonts 12 classroom content sneak peek smart notebook 11 software activity builder 20 news whats happening this month find out about smarts latest opportunities and happenings 22 smart showcase school profile making the world a better place 24 product spotlight. Our builtin antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. Jul 05, 2012 learn how to quickly create interactive activities using smart notebook 11s new activity builder feature. Learn how to quickly create interactive activities using smart notebook 11s new activity builder feature. You will also learn about the page sorter, attachments tab, and activity builder tab. Version 11 of smart notebook will enable teachers to integrate. Smart notebook, a standardsaligned collaborative learning tool that operates in conjunction with smart interactive whiteboards, has now been updated with many new features that. You can now deliver and enhance your lessons by adding resources directly to your smart learning suite online account. A short tutorial that shows users of smart notebook 11 how to to create interactive activities using the activity builder addon. This feature allows teachers to create fun and interactive drag and drop activities in which objects can be accepted or rejected based on the criteria set up in the activity. As well as putting things into groups, you could also use this to add labels to diagrams. Special education, english language arts, english as a second language. Using this app, you can both use and edit smart notebook lesson activities for individual and collaborative learning with an ipad.

Smart learning suite and smart notebook basic version. Toolbars and tabs in smart notebook software smart technologies apr to add a button to the floating tools toolbar, drag the icon onto the toolbar. Use notebook software and the host of tools it offers for interaction with the content displayed on your board. Oct 14, 2016 gallery essential or lesson activity toolkit 2. Can you create an interactive activity using the activity builder. Jun 27, 2012 the new toolbar gives smart notebook 11 a cleaner, more userfriendly interface, and adds tools that can help even the novice user interact with notebook pages with confidence. This 24 page smart notebook lesson will teach your young learners how to make sentences. Smart notebook 11 cheat sheets by jeff peterson issuu. In order to download smart notebook, please follow these steps to download to your home or personal.

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