Welding cracked exhaust manifolds

A couple years ago i had several cast iron repairs needing welded. The vehicle may produce a hissing or tapping sound from the engine bay that may get louder when the engine is accelerated. A cast iron exhaust manifold from a cummins diesel truck was headed for the junk pile because the shop did not have a cast iron welding rod to repair it. I have to weld a crack in an exaust manifold and aint sure what to use, dont know if i should stick weld or mig it, and what type of rod to use if thats the case any help would be great thanks. Id still need those weird manifold sleeve bolts though. Porting the exhaust manifold on a car is a great way to optimize the performance of the engine. We had a large crack in the weld on the drivers side exhaust manifold. Welding cast inboard outboard exhaust manifold crack repair with 332 7018 low hydrogen stick weld rod.

Tips on how to weld cast iron uncatastrophically make it. The 972000 exhaust manifolds had a inherent flaw at the collector tube where all the pipes mated in not allowing enough flex from the furthest cylinders and heat build up. It will never leave you stranded on the side of the road. When the manifold is the wrong color, white and orange instead of brown rust, compared to years ago, you know that they are really getting hot but on the other hand. All of them require the labor of removing the manifolds. Welding turbo to exhaust manifold performanceforums. Aftermarket exhaust manifolds look and fit just like the exhaust manifold that came on the car when it was new, with similar flow characteristics. Has anyone had much success welding exhaust manifold components like this, and not having them crack again in the future. It seems like theres a decent seal of the air intake f. I cut the outlets off and welded standard exhaust pipe to them using 6011 stick. We did not preheat the part and experienced no recracking when the weld had aircooled.

Will exhaust pipe welded to cast iron manifold hold under heat. Cracked exhaust manifolds on the 355 i4 and i5 engines are common. I got rear ended and the exhaust pipe was mashed forward causing the crack in my catalytic converters weld. This is because some cars have an oxygen o2 sensor after the exhaust manifold.

Also, the exhaust manifolds can expand and contract unevenly, which could cause the cast iron to crack, compounding the incorrect o2 sensor readings, not to mention making the annoying exhaust. Aug 16, 2009 how to fix a cracked exhaust manifold. How to repair cracked exhaust manifold with quiksteel. Below are the symptoms of a cracked exhaust manifold. Is it dodge to weld the turbine housing of a turbo to the exhaust manifold.

The ticking sound might annoy you enough to make you want to walk home, but it wont force you to. A ticking or exhaust noise from the righthand exhaust manifold area. The task can be done with just about any welder meant for steel. Cast iron can be tricky to repair because its prone to cracking. With my travelall, the manifolds are hard to find and a pain to remove, so i pulled the inner fender to get access. For what its worth, or what the boat is worth to you, i had someone nickle weld my cast iron manifold a couple years ago and it has been rock solid. How to weld a cracked exhaust manifold it still runs. I have removed my exhaust manifold for repairs due to two cracks in the pipe joints where the original welds were. The cast iron and nickle expand and contract at different rates given the wide operating temp for that piece. How to polish an aluminum intake manifold it still runs. Follow along as i repair a broken cast iron exhaust manifold using muggy weld with. Study on repairing crack of ductile cast iron vehicle exhaust.

I prefer posting my welding questions here vs weldingweb as the atmosphere is much friendlier here. Ive been told i need to have the crack drilled on the end to prevent it from cracking again, but with my novice knowledge on the matter, i have no idea what sites are right and what are wrong. It works well on steel, iron, copper, stainless steel, and most other metals that endure high heat. While nickle rod is a standard for cast iron repair you run into problems using it on an automotive exhaust manifold repair.

Exhaust manifold crack braze or best luck i have had welding cast was a wellpump head. Calculating the cost to repair a cracked exhaust manifold. Nov 25, 2015 the basic job of the exhaust manifold is to take the gases from each cylinder and send them to the exhaust pipe. I have a bad crack on the header that goes to cyl 1 and 4. Taking it to a repair shop could cost you quite a considerable amount for labor and parts, so trying a repair yourself first can be a good option. The best move would be to replace the manifold with a non cracked manifold. Aluminum intake manifolds can become dirty and dull after just a short time of use. The exhaust manifold is designed to route exhaust gases away from the engine and into the rest of the exhaust system.

Therefore, a cracked exhaust manifold may cause incorrect readings of the o2 sensor, prompting the engine to burn an excessive amount of air running lean. Smokeshow, a gross simplification but 304, 316 even 321 all have the same upper temperature limits and theyre all modifications of the basic chromium nickel alloy adding a little molybdenum to 304 improves corrosion resistance, particuarly in chloride environments. I have spent weeks trying to buy new parts to replace both cracked exhaust manifolds on my 2000 frontier v6 in california. I have a 454 chevy and am using stock cast iron manifolds off a newer big block. If you have never used a welding torch or soldering iron before, do not attempt to make this repair yourself. Topics covered are basic welding techniques, various forms of sheetmetal work, frame repair and reinforcement, filling body. Then use a stick welder and get some nickel rod made for welding cast. It messes with the o2 sensor readings, so the o2 sensor tells the ecm that it is running leaner than what it actually is, so the ecm puts more fuel into the engine, which causes it to run rich. Stick welding cast iron repair with muggy weld youtube. Chances of repairing a cracked exhaust manifold vs replac. The hard part sounded like heating it, welding it, then letting the iron cool all without cracking. Topics covered are basic welding techniques, various forms of sheetmetal work, frame repair and reinforcement, filling body holes and rust repair, tube steel, and more. For more decorative pieces, though, you might be able to get away without preheating.

When you have cracked exhaust manifold, it might be possible to repair it rather than spend money on a new one. Afterwards, i am going to paint it with a high temp spray paint. The real reason to use cast iron in stick form as a welding rod is that when placed in service the weld is the same material as the manifold and therefore expands and contracts at the same. Hi all, it turns out i may have a cracked exhaust manifold on my 99 civic. After 230k miles i ended up with a crack in the exhaust manifold of my accord. I weld broken ears on exhaust manifolds fairly often. What causes cracks and leaks on the exhaust manifold.

Yes, i have heard that a cracked exhaust manifold can cause a rich condition. Weve brazed, welded with stainless and nickel and even cast iron rod with heat before muggy. Jb weld on a cracked exhaust manifold the fordification. We also are capable of modifications in design or dimensions. You guys know how hard it is sometime to weld an old junky exhaust manifold. The problem with just welding up the crack is that it is only a matter of time that it will crack again. However, most exhaust manifolds are made from cast iron, and there are limited ways to. Weld a boat cast iron exhaust manifold muggyweld customer testimonial. As the porous metal that most manifolds are made of expands and contracts with temperature changes, cracks can occur. It was a fine crack, and the manifold has long since been discontinued so its an inordinately expensive part. Since the manifold is an important component of the engines exhaust system and helps ensure that the engine receives the proper amount of backpressure the pressure developed by the exhaust system as gasses are evacuated, a cracked manifold can negatively impair engine performance. Welding a cracked exhaust manifold can save you a lot of money.

It had frozen and split just about all the way around the four corners. Knowing how to weld an exhaust manifold can be a great advantage. Because the manifold is made of forged steel, and forged steal is rather difficult to weld, i decided to try. Apr 09, 2011 cracked manifolds that ive seenrepaired. However, tuners and engine builders have been porting exhaust. Just wanted to see if any one can give me any information on welding up a cast exhaust manifold on a car, i have a guy i work with who had a crack in his exhaust manifold and he had said when he had it at the exhaust shop that he asked the guy to just put a bead on it and it didint matter what it looked like he just wanted it quieter, he says the guy welded it and it lasted about 1 year, i am. Dec 04, 2017 jb weld extremeheat is perfect for making repairs on all manner of highheat parts, including exhaust manifolds, mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, engine blocks, fireplaces, smokersfireboxes, and many more crackprone items.

Intake and exhaust manifolds a complete restoration of your cast iron andor cast aluminum manifold that is cracked, broken andor eroded is possible. Though its not as durable as our paint on coatings, it is convenient and easy to apply because theres no disassembly required. Welding cracks in iron exhaust manifolds for b bodies. Unless youre dealing with an extreme leak, a cracked exhaust manifold wont cause a check engine light. If two pieces, i bolt manifolds to a bare head to keep it square while making the weld.

You have 4 options if you decide to fix your cracked exhaust manifolds. I have one that i built a few years back and went on a 1. A simple wire feed and argon, all the cracked exaust manifolds ive done are still holding years later. Sometimes i have to build up the entire missing ear with the rod. At southern mobile welding we have made many custom intake manifolds and welded many cracked and broken exhaust and intake manifolds. Like we mentioned in the cast iron section above, exhaust manifolds are often designed with longevity and fitment in mind, not horsepower.

Theyre also subjected to considerable expansion and contraction as they heat up and cool back down. Apr 10, 2018 our rust bucket rehab project is coming along, but i ran into a rather major issue. Use a size one tip solder and place the torch very near to melt it onto and into the crack. If you are wanting to fix a crack in an exhaust manifold rather than replacing it, you would need to clean the manifold up, weld the crack, and clean the surface up to a true connection as the manifold will distort when it gets very hot during the welding process. It was only a crack on the outside however, and i was sure of that before even attempting. The manifold on our ford cl340 manifold running a wisconsin vh4d motor is cracked. When most manifolds are manufactured, they are not optimized for performance, since the amount of time it would take to do this would not be cost effective.

It can tolerate welding on castings that cannot be completely cleaned before welding. Exhaust manifolds are hit and miss because all the good stuff is burned out. We did not preheat the part and experienced no recracking when the weld. I plan on sandblasting it it looks like hell and taking it to a shop that specializes in exhaust. The most important part of welding the manifold is the preparation work. Continue to run the solder into the crack of the exhaust manifold until you have filled it completely. For something like an automotive exhaust manifold you are better off to just replace it. Example number 1 your exhaust manifold has developed a stress crack near a bolt. As you can imagine, exhaust manifolds are subject to intense heat.

How to weld a cast iron exhaust manifold with 72 and 77. Unfortunately, manifolds often develop stress cracks from the extreme heat that they are subjected to. Exhaust gases in cabinwith a cracked exhaust manifold, some of your engines exhaust gases will escape into. So move ahead 30 years i picked up some crown alloys. This may be important when repairing cast iron parts such as exhaust manifolds on antique cars. The honda shop told me i had a crack in the exhaust manifold on my civic and that it was going to be expensive to replace. If the exhaust manifold cracks, breaks, or leaks, it can cause an exhaust leak that will lead to a noisy exhaust. Polishing an intake manifold makes it easier to keep it clean because, after polishing, the manifold is smoother, giving it an easiertoclean surface. For years and years ive been told you cant weld cast unless.

One of the first symptoms of a problem with the engine exhaust manifold is an excessively loud exhaust. I have an older honda civic 1998 that i found has a cracked exhaust manifold. Jun 20, 2017 best fix for a cracked exhaust manifold. This helps prevent the base metal and weld from cracking in the process. How to weld a cast iron exhaust manifold with 72 and 77 electrode. Overall, i find the preheating method works best for anything that will be experiencing thermal cycling like exhaust manifolds or old engine blocks. Found a site for parts wanted almost 30 listings across the country for exhaust manifolds wanted. Welding, repair, or patch catalytic converter crack. Do small fast welds and dont let the manifold get too hot at one time. Or perhaps, it just worsened the crack if it was too small to notice before. This will be the most effective way of having a strong ish weld that wont crack immediately. Unhooking the computer before welding on the vehicle is recommended. How to work with cast iron and other materials part 8 includes instructional photos, checklists, and stepbystep instructions.

Id expect the manifold to crack again after repairing. Most cracked exhaust manifolds wont affect the function of your vehicle. Best fix for a cracked exhaust manifold jeep wrangler forum. I have done hundreds of them over the last 34 years most of them stick with ni rod and some brazed. Walker provides gm with the exhaust systems for our trucks. I have been welding exhaust manifolds for years with a mig welder with regular wire, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Auto engine blocks, cylinder heads, manifold repair, welding. Stick electrodes for welding cast iron lincoln electric. Set the oxyacetylene torch to its lowest level of heat, and place the tip of the silver solder against the crack of the damaged exhaust manifold. I hope you dont mind, mark i guess i am giving away your secrets. Cracked exhaust manifolds weld talk message boards. Follow their instructions and i havent seen anything easier. It isnt vey expensive and you only need the bare minimum they will sell you. Short of pulling the engine and replacing the exhaust, im looking for a quick but effective at least reasonably so way to cut down on the noise and smell of my cracked exhaust manifold.

A cracked exhaust manifold not only results in noise. May 06, 2019 i also purged the welds and used quality filler wire however a few still broke at the stress line on the flange. Its a waiting game really, some do last and some dont. Jb weld extremeheat is the perfect repair solution. This can be expensive if you pay someone to do it, and destroy both your knuckles and patience if you choose to do it yourself. I heard last week that nissan settle a class action lawsuit over crack exhaust manifolds. Anyway, they have another product called fireseal 2000, which they have developed to fix holes and cracks in exhaust manifolds. The job of welding the exhaust manifold is not an easy job, but with the right tools and this guide you will be able to weld your exhaust manifold and save yourself money. Is it possible that will hold under the heat of exhaust or is it probably just going to fall apart once the motor warms up.

I tried to stab a knife through it, with no success. Symptoms of a cracked exhaust manifold it still runs. Remember to always let your vehicle cool off before working on the exhaust manifold because this part becomes the hottest while a vehicle is running. You will need to preheat to at least 900 deg f to get past the expansion from heating. Welding cracks in iron exhaust manifolds page 2 for b. I finally took a hammer and swung at it, only for the napkin to bendit never cracked or tore. Tried it one time since i didnt have much to lose and the result was some of the prettyest welds that ive ever made. I started the truck warming the manifold, shut it off and made my weld, then started it up again and. Cracked exhaust manifolds page 1 cerbera pistonheads. I have changed 2 engines and an exhaust manifold, i removed manifolds on one of the engines first. I probably could have taken it to a muffler shop for a little cheaper.

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