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Activetcl is an integrated collection of tcl, expect, and many other extensions. Older releases are also available from the above sites. The main site for tcltk source distributions is sourceforge. Other products offered by activestate are tcl dev kit aka tcl developers kit.

Weve bundled some of the best packages, tools, and documentation to easily adopt this language in your projects. Were moving all of our activepython, activeperl, and activetcl downloads to our new activestate platform. A tclbased toolkit for automating interactive programs by don libes, pp. Download activetcl community edition to get started. Activetcl is now offered through the activestate platform. Download activetcl expect software advertisement activestate activetcl linux 64 v. Activestate tcl dev kit windows, php expert editor, php expert editor, activestate activetcl win64, activestate activetcl windows.

At activestate, we use the platform to build not only our popular open source language distributions, but also custom runtimes for our enterprise clients i. In an attempt to handle some of the links that broke, were directing the ones we know about to this topic. How to execute an expect scripts from windows windows ccm. This is a tutorial on how to get expect to run on windows. In that case, you can download the expect package from here and then install it using the teacup install e.

The library is very thorough it supports forms, tables, cookies, file upload, plugins, javascript, netscape extensions, etc, etc. Note that although this page shows the status of all builds of this package in ppm, including those available with the free community edition of activeperl, manually downloading modules ppmx package files is possible only with a business edition license. Activestate expect for windows includes the following features. The production version of expect 5 was released in march 94. It can be used interactively, or by running scripts programs which can use a package system for structuring, hence allowing to. New commands chan push and chan pop expose the power of stacked. This is for those who installed a version of activetcl that is above 8. If youre running on a platform other than the ones listed above, or if you want to make modifications to tcl and tk, youll need to retrieve the source releases. Take a look around and grab the rss feed to stay updated. It uses unix pseudo terminals to wrap up subprocesses transparently, allowing the. Download expect for unix or expect for windows now. Another good reference is the included help files with activestate expect. The newsgroup is a great place to ask general information questions. Expect can be downloaded as source from the tcl developer xchange web site or as binaries from activestate.

The result is a script which may be executed and read by anyone. To run this script, you must have activestate expect for windows and. Save time from having to compile your own tcltk modules by using activetcl, complete with. This software is an intellectual property of activestate software inc. Create your free platform account to download activeperl or customize perl with the packages you require and get automatic updates. Expect perl package manager index ppm activestate code. Download activetcl an advanced and useful piece of software that offers you a powerful command language solution, suitable for a very wide range of coding uses. Tcl tool command language is a dynamic programmingscripting language based on concepts of lisp, c, and unix shells. Jacl is animplementation of a tcl interpreter written entirely injava.

Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc. The latest version of activestate tcl dev kit is 4. Tcl blend is a tcl extension that provides accessto java from inside tcl. I have spent the last three hours trying to get it to work without success. This tutorial shows how the expect package can be used within a tcl commandline script to log on to a remote machine via telnet or ssh and return the contents of the current working directory. The trusted tcl distribution for windows, linux and mac, prebundled with top tcltk modules free for development use. Activestate expect windows freeware activestate activetcl windows v. When downloading these languages, well guide you through the process of creating your free platform account. Once created, youll get access to your very own copy of the language in the form of a project. Based upon tclpro, a commercial product, including a variety of useful developer tools, and works with whatever activetcl it finds. Activestate software has 152 repositories available.

So, if you arrived at this post looking for something else entirely, check out the existing conversations, or start your own and well see what we can do to help out. Create a free account above and get these benefits. No package expect available no package tcl available it seems rhel should have tcl and expect prebuilt but this is not the case in my version of linux. One can also load tcl blend and tcl into a java process, which is a great way to add scripting functionality to an existing java application. Tcl activestate tcl dev kit windows, php expert editor. For other ways to obtain tcltk such as binary distributions, see the main tcltk page. I am new to linux and i have few expect scripts to execute. Black chocobo black chocobo is a ff7 save game editor written in qt. Automation of interactive programs from the windows platform.

Authors malcolm beattie, 23 oct 1994 vadim konovalov, 19 may 2003 jeff hobbs, jeff a activestate. It was initially added to our database on 10292007. Downloading and installing activestate tcl with expect extensions. Activestate tcl dev kit is a shareware software in the category miscellaneous developed by activestate corporation. But that means the legacy content that lived here before is gone. Ppm is being replaced with the activestate platform, which enhances ppms build and deploy capabilities. Join activestate director of engineering tom radcliffe and guest speaker clif flynt, author of tcltk for real programmers, as they discuss tcls relevance in. Each of these files is explained in more detail below.

But you can also use the platform to automatically. It develops, sells, and supports crossplatform development tools for dynamic languages such as perl, php, python, ruby, and tcl, as well as language distributions and enterprise services activestate is owned by its employees and pender financial group, an investment company focused on. The source releases include make files for windows, unix and xcode project files for mac os x. Activetcl, featuring hundreds of popular packages, is available free for download from the activestate platform. The komodo remote debugging listener port is set to 9000. One way to learn how to use expect is to use the free version, from activestate, on your windows pc. In the summer of 1999, substantial rewriting of expect was done in order to support tcl 8. If you will be using the second method of installing expect, remember to put the downloaded package in the bin directory of tcl. Stubsenabled and deployable using tclapp, a component in the activestate tcl dev kit. Tcl dev kit tdk from activestate provides essential tools for tcl programmers, making it easy to create, build and deploy applications. This pc software was developed to work on windows xp or windows 7 and can function on 32bit systems.

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