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The film centers on two monsters employed at the titular monsters, inc top scarer james p. Monsters inc randall tries to use the scream extractor on mike crazy buzz fan. Take this fun pixar trivia quiz and see if you can name all of these minor pixar characters. By monsters inc we see sulley as the gentle giant best friend of mike and randall as the evil archrival who hates both of them. Get your claws on some art supplies and print this coloring page to color later or color it online. This edit will also create new pages on comic vine for. What was the name of the little girl in the movie monsters. In the prequel monsters university, randall enrolls at the same time as mike and the two end up as friends and roommates. The two decide to the disguise the girl as a monster and return her home and they name her boo.

Monsters inc boo monsters inc characters monsters ink disney monsters movie characters boo monsters inc costume monsters inc movie cartoon wallpaper disney wallpaper mary gibbs, better known as boo, is the tritagonist of the 2001 disneypixar animated film, monsters, inc. From the huge and hairy to the small and slimy, the roster of monsters in monstropolis is rich. In monsters university, randall is seen as a young and pimplefaced teenager. This profile is for walt disney, the characters he created, and the company he founded. This is a list of characters from the pixar media franchise monsters, inc world heritage encyclopedia, the.

Randall randy boggs is the main antagonist in disneypixars 2001 film monsters, inc. Snide and vindictive, randall is notoriously envious of james p. Randall plans on using his new friends to take over monsters inc. Waternoose, and a character in monsters university. Monsters university characters presented by disney movies monsters inc movie, monsters inc halloween, disney. Confronting sulley and about to push him off the edge of boos door look at everybodys favorite scarer now, you stupid, pathetic waste. In the first film, boo is a 2yearold human child who has escaped from her room from which randall intended to kidnap her and use her to test his new machine. He is the narrator for the story, writing it in the form of a screenplay interspersed with his journal entries. Mike and sulley begin to build a friendship as they compete together. His best friend, mike wazowski is on a date with his girlfriend celia, and chaos erupts when the child is discovered. He also has waternoose as his partner in crime, and fungus as his minion.

Waternoose or simply waternoose, is one of the two main antagonists alongside randall boggs of monsters inc. Take this quiz to find out whats on the other side of your closet door and then see your monster in action by tuning in to watch monsters, inc. I created this blog to show my collection for other collectors and those who are interested in disney and pvcs, but also to list everything that i own for the future. This is a list of characters from the pixar media franchise monsters, inc. Woods inside out journey into imagination jungle book kingdom hearts lady and the tramp lilo and stitch mary poppins mickey and friends moana. In the film, boo shows sulley a drawing of randall with her name mary in a corner. Randall boggs called randy in monsters university is a monster that graduated from monsters university and worked as a scarer for monsters, inc he appeared in monsters, inc. The book based on the film gives boos real name as mary gibbs, the name of her voice actress. After the few months were up and his injuries healed, randall began learning how to be a laugher at monsters, inc. He is the former chairman of the company, sulley and mikes former boss, best friend, and father figure, and randall s leader.

Randalls assistant jeff fungus is voiced by the famed director and. In order to power their city, the need to collect kids screams. Sulley sullivan and his oneeyed partner and best friend mike wazowski employed at the titular energyproducing factory monsters, inc, which generates power by scaring human children. Monsterscartoon monstersclassic monsters monsters inc. Randall disney cartoons, monsters inc characters, animation. Randall randy boggs is the central villain of pixars 4th fulllength animated feature film monsters, inc. She has overcome her fear of randall by the end of the movie. Randall boggs is one of the two main antagonists of disneypixars 2001 animated film monsters, inc. Sulleys scare assistant, best friend, and roommate doesnt want any interruptions in his. The only actual words she says in the film are boo. After youre done with randall, let your creativity shine with more coloring pages featuring sulley, mike, and the rest of the disneypixar monsters, inc.

The kicker is that the monsters are more afraid of the kids than the kids are of them. Steve harmon he is a sixteen year old young black man who has been arrested for acting as the lookout in robbery that goes bad and ends in a murder. She can talk but has gibberish vocabulary and little dialogue because she is two years old. The book is a shortened retelling of the film and tells the story of mike and sulley, two best friends who are one of monsters, inc s best scare teams. Walter elias walt disney december 5, 1901 december 15, 1966 was an american film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, note. Mary gibbs, better known as boo, is the tritagonist of the 2001 disneypixar animated film monsters, inc. What are the characters names in the movie monsters inc. Sulley sullivan john goodman and his oneeyed partner and best friend mike wazowski billy crystal. He took turns from living in with amanda or fungus.

Sulley quickly grows attached to the girl and names her boo. Randalls nephew, rex named after the toy story character, made an. Snide and vindictive, randall is notoriously envious of james. Randall boggs is one of the main antagonists alongside henry j.

He is insecure and shy at first, having trouble controlling his camouflage abilities which mike helps him get past, and he is a model bookworm. Make a list browse lists search lists leaders help contact suggest feature newsletter. Vanitas is the evil counterpart of ventus and is the secondary antagonist of birth by sleep. He was friends with sulley and mike was learning to accept him again. This is a list of characters appearing in the film monsters, inc. Sulley sullivan, the films protagonist, is a large, furry blue monster with purple spots, voiced by john goodman. Monsters, inc for characters introduced in the 20 prequel, see the monsters university page. Here is a list of characters that appear in the 2001 disney pixar classic, monsters, inc. Celia mae is a character in monsters, inc she is mike wazowskis gorgoncyclopsmedusalike girlfriend.

Hard times and choices chapter 18 dondena monsters. In the prequel monsters university, randall enrolls at the same time as mike and the two. Fungus is randall boggs nervous and constantly abused assistant and the tertiary antagonist of disneypixars 2001 animated film, monsters, inc. Sulleys scare assistant, best friend, and roommate doesnt want any interruptions in his lifeespecially in his relationships. Sulley and mike escape the child detection agency cda and gradually discover that the little girl is actually not toxic. Waternoose of disneypixars 2001 animated film, monsters, inc. Fungus fungus monsters inc, monsters inc university. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. When he is first seen, sulley is the top scarer at monsters, inc. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. It wasnt the same as scaring, but at least he had a job to come to now. Randall randy boggs is one of the two main antagonists in monsters, inc. Sulley is the companys best scarer while mike is his assistant and handles all the paperwork, etc.

Boo real name mary gibbs is the tritagonist of monsters, inc. Sullivan sulley may be the most celebrated monster in monstropolis, but that doesnt make him mean. He became good friends with the protagonist of the film mike wazowski, whom he met. Find images and videos about blue, wallpaper and disney on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love. Flags aside though, randall weems was a relatively harmless character and you do have to question how much of his tattling was due to. With the digital magic of augmented reality, this book brings all your favorite furry friends to life with jawdropping animations that you can interact with on your computer screen. Finding out that he caught mike instead of boo wazowski.

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